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To use plageek, top free online plagiarism checker, insert the text in blow below box and press check for plagiarism. It will scan your article and will let you know how much duplicate content in your article is.

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How this plagiarism checker tool PLAGEEK works?

Plageek works very efficiently to check any duplicate content on your article or paper or assignments. Some common phrases can become red in checking but you should not worry until Plageek does not mention complete sentences as duplicate content or plagiarized content. In this case Plageek will show original source of the copied content.

As compared to any other online plagiarism checker, Plageek does not require any signup or any kind of membership. If you are a student or teacher, looking to check your papers or assignment for plagiarism, you are free to do here on Plageek.

For webmasters, websites can be secured with Plageek as it gives your content an authority in the eyes of major search engines like Google which act very harsh on duplicate content in terms of search engine rankings. Google plagiarism does not allow rewritten or spun content so always make sure you have original content on your website to gain good domain authority. For this Plageek offers you free plagiarism check services and ensures a quality oriented and informative internet for all.

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